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Telephone entry systems in Newmarket, ON is very popular for residential and commercial locations throughout the Ontario area. Access control is invaluable for security and these entry systems can play an effective role in these procedures. Telephone entry systems come in a wide array of models and features. They are most commonly installed on entry gates for single homes, multi-unit complexes, and businesses of all sizes. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will install a variety of these systems quickly and efficiently.

This type of system is also referred to as a telephone entry intercom because communication is normally originated by the push of a button rather than a telephone component itself. Access Control Newmarket excels at installing and repairing these access control components for our customers. We carry a wide range of quality systems on our trucks to ensure we can install the unit of choice faster and more efficiently. Our experts will work closely with homes and businesses to determine which system is best for their individual requirements.

Professional Installation You Can Trust

Telephone Entry Systems NewmarketOur experts have been providing effective telephone entry systems installation for years in the Oakville, ON area. Over that time we have earned the trust and respect of our customers and peers as well. We are very detail oriented because we want every detail to be perfect. These systems are designed for security and we take that responsibility very seriously. These access control systems are typically used for 3 purposes that include, but are not limited to, auto dial for businesses, single occupancy home visitor, and multiple residential unit locations.

The most important feature is call forwarding. If the visitor approaches the gate and requests access the call can be forwarded to whoever has the authority to approve access. If it is a residence the call can be forwarded to the person’s phone. The telephone entry system with camera makes an even better access control component. Our experts will install all of these components for less. Give Oakville Access Control a call today for a variety of entry systems you can depend on.

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